Led Trailer Sign Hire – 5 Colour

Led 5 Colour Sign Hire

These solar panelled signs are an inexpensive but effective way to get your message  10’s of thousands of motorists 24/7. They are ideal for advertising, marketing, special events, festivals and corporate events. Our 5 Colour Trailer Sign Hire  are an environmentally friendly and cost effective way to convey your message as they are 100% solar powered. They also have the ability to store solar energy so our signs can operate 24 hours a day in any weather. These signs can be raised to a maximum of four metres, providing your message with the exposure it needs. They are amounted on sturdy trailers so they can be situated in those hard to get to sites. A special feature of our trailers is auto-adjusting LED brightness which allows you to perfectly display your message no matter the weather or time of day. The message can be changed easily and remotely from our office and can include any combination of the 5 colours, borders and very simple drawings. Some of our signs can even do some small animations! Let us know what you need your sign to do, and we can help make it happen.

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